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Our customer feedback

We asked a few of our existing customers about their experience with us, here’s what they said:

We called Mike Nankivell at HazTec who, drawing on his experience, showed us documents that established the criteria under which we could continue to be Certified to maintain compliance. Mike demonstrates a pragmatic approach to HSNO issues in the manufacturing environment and offers clear and constructive advice on negotiating through the red tape.

Mike also relates well to our Approved Handlers in training and in providing examination feedback, and helps them to feel confident in their roles.

We are confident that we get cost effective and reliable advice in maintaining our HSNO Compliance, and recommend them very highly.”

David Miller, Manufacturing Manager,
Clearlite Bathrooms, Glenfield, Auckland.

“With the changes in Hazardous Substances and New Organism Legislation around 2006 we, as a business, decided to seek expert advice to ensure our understanding of the legislation was where it should be. After researching available experts in this field we decided to bring in Mike Nankivell to help us with this assessment.

Mike’s previous experience and systematic approach in identifying our needs as a site were invaluable in making the process of meeting the new location test certificate requirements straight forward. The additional assistance with signage upgrades and improvement advice has been of great assistance also.”

Peter Suisted, Site Operations Manager,
Hansells Food Group Limited, New Lynn, Auckland.

“With the engagement of HazTec our HSNO systems and training have been streamlined and improved, and we have gained a great deal of knowledge.

We have a great deal of confidence in Mike and Grant as their knowledge is excellent and their imparting of this knowledge is easy to understand and useful. HazTec’s comprehensive training programme really suited our organisation, and our staff now has good understanding and confidence in managing hazardous substances.

We have found HazTec a good organisation to deal with — any queries are responded to quickly and the team are very pleasant; we recommend them very highly.”

Lesley Lennie, Occupational Health & Safety Nurse Specialist.

“We are a multi faceted business with multiple sites so the overall coordination of chemical management was a difficult task. Prior to working with HazTec, our HSNO compliance and chemical management was potentially dangerous. We were disorganised, generally because we didn’t really know what we were supposed to be doing and we were disjointed in our overall management of chemicals because everyone had their own opinion on what was right and what was required.

What made this worse was that we didn’t really know what we had on site, because everyone had a different view on what was a hazardous chemical.

With a professional inspection from Haztec and a well written comprehensive report, we have had all of these issues clarified. HazTec were able to write the report so that it dealt with each department individually and the report specified exactly what was required in that department. Right down to a picture and measurements of the signage needed. As a result of this simple but effective approach, everyone in our business had a clear picture on what needed to be achieved, how it would be addressed and by whom.

HazTec then assisted to train our approved handlers and completed confirmation audits to confirm completion of the actions before issuing the HSNO certification. Fantastic!  

From a company perspective HazTec has significantly improved our safety on site through excellent HSNO systems that are operationally functional. In addition to this, HazTec improved the clarity with which we communicated our HSNO compliance to our insurers. This in turn dramatically reduced the anxiety and concerns at all levels across the company. We now know that we are dealing with HSNO correctly, which is very comforting.

We would highly recommend the team at HazTec to other businesses.”

Bruce Taplin, HSE Manager,

“There was no HSNO Compliance before so we invited HazTec in to give us their expertise and set up the two manufacturing sites.

HazTec’s involvement with us has enabled us to pass two EH&S CAP audits, and is enabling us to maintain compliance with legislation. Also, our employees are more educated and involved with EH&S as part of their everyday lives in various areas, e.g. Approved Chemical Handlers, Chemical Spill Response Team etc.

I would highly recommend HazTec to any manufacturing group.”

Michelle Solia, EH&S Coordinator,

“We do not have a full-time, in-house HSNO specialist because our involvement in this sector is sporadic. The net result was we were “behind” in compliance knowledge which could have lead to a poor outcome in our project work.

HazTec has been extremely helpful to us in a recent NZ Defence Project. Mike’s user friendly personality and knowledge of the ERMA-HSNO requirements ensured that we could confidently define to the Client the compliance issues. Mike was also pragmatic and prepared to work out practical solutions to HSNO requirements.

We can move forward to prospective projects where HSNO compliance is required with the confidence that we can rely on Mike’s support and advice.”

John Ho,
Fitzroy Project Services, East Tamaki, Auckland.

“We were experiencing problems but since working with HazTec we have made a concerted effort over a number of years to improve, including a major focus on decreasing our dangerous goods on the floor. The impact has been a decreased risk to staff, fewer incidents and the removal of a Spill Committee, hence decreasing the cost of training.

HazTec assisted with information when required and have been particularly helpful when applying for an extension from ERMA for moving from an annual audit to 3 yearly audits. I would highly recommend HazTec and am very happy to continue working with them.”

Dorille Shadbolt
Candida Stationery Ltd, Mairangi Bay, Auckland

“Our company has been handling HSNO compliance okay, but we get confused when we are confronted with technical issues relating to HSNO. With HazTec involved it is comforting to know there is a good resource available to assist us in these matters, and we will continue to use them because of their good work.”

Bernard Phillips
Firemaster, Waitakere City